Drip Emitter, 2 GPH Pressure Compensating

These NC Button Drippers are turbulent flow emitters are pressure compensating. They work best on level terrain. The stated flow rate is produced when the pressure is between 15-45 PSI.

The internal labyrinth slows the velocity of the water as it moves through the passage ways. The dripper top and labyrinth are removable for easy cleaning.

Product DetailsBright Agrotech

  • Output: 2 GPH (Gallons Per Hour)
  • Pressure compensating emitter. Water output will increase over 20 PSI.
  • Recommended Operating Pressure: 15 - 45 PSI to maintain 2 GPH (Gallons Per Hour) output
  • Very economical solution
  • 1/4" barbs on the inlet and outlets
  • Removable top & labyrinth for easy cleaning