Tower Top-Off Tank

Run your Farm Wall longer with fewer fill ups!

Tower Top-Off Tanks are the perfect way to make your Farm Wall even lower-maintenance.

Attach the tank to your Farm Wall (the gutter system will come with additional slots to fit the tanks next to the ZipGrow towers) and it will provide your towers with enough nutrient solution to keep your plants growing while you take that weekend vacation! 

These tanks are designed to hold additional water and nutrient solution, saving you from installing an exterior sump tank or reservoir.

The tower tank blends seamlessly into your green wall, taking up no additional wall, floor, or plant growing space.

The 5’ tanks will hold approximately 2.75 gallons.

4 tower Farm Walls are designed to accommodate 1 Tower Top-Off Tank, while 8 tower Farm Walls will hold 2 Tower Top-Off Tanks. (Additional tanks may be installed, but will require you to punch additional holes in your Farm Wall gutters.)

 Watch this video to see how to use the Top-Off Tank.

Please consider weight when mounting your Farm Wall!