Grow-Tech’s BioStrate®: Biobased Propagation Felt 185gsm

Microgreens: This lightweight biobased textile absorbs and retains water while providing an inert environment for dense healthy root development. BioStrate 185gsm is compostable*(see bottom of page for details). However, it will maintain its structural integrity for the life of your product and won’t clog filters.

Directions for Use

  • Moisten BioStrate® Felt with mist or a quick dip in a water bath. Let excess water drain.
  • Sprinkle seeds to the desired density, then mist. BioStrate can support tightly packed seedlings.
  • Place in germinating area for 48 hours or as needed.
  • BioStrate performs best when not overwatered. The amount of water will vary depending on the system used. The felt should be kept moist, not saturated. Water level should not be higher than the top of the medium. If water pools in the felt, reduce water.

Benefits for Plants

  • Holds the optimal amount of water
  • Roots are stabilized
  • pH balanced

Benefits for Growers

  • Compostable* (185gsm ONLY)
  • Ready to plant, no pre-treatment required
  • Custom widths available
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use