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Meet High Demand for Leafy Greens and Herbs

The ZipFarm indoor growing system is designed for the grower wanting to supply the growing demand for local, transparent food. It leverages the benefits of vertical plane production (true vertical farming) to optimize for the four core areas of an economical indoor facility: 

1) Space use efficiency & productivity
2) Labor costs
3) Profitability
4) Environment & plant health

Powerful production for indoor environments

Designed for commercial growers, the ZipFarm can grow 365 days a year. The system consists of everything an indoor farmer needs to be successful including light racks, LED lighting, plumbing and filtration, and of course rolling ZipRacks holding the optimal number of ZipGrow Towers. While this system can be modified for smaller spaces, it really shines in facilities over 2,000 square feet. Everything about the ZipFarm can be uniquely tailored to the individual grower’s needs.


An all in one closed looped hydroponic system for warehouse growers. Hook it up and turn it on.



From small warehouses to large, the ZipFarm can be scaled to fit any growing space. You can scale as you grow. 


Built for leafy greens and herbs, the ZipFarm maximizes your grow space by allowing you to grow on the vertical plane.




The racks are on wheels and the towers are removable. This provides full access to crops from planting to harvesting. 


ZipTowers are contained within a mobile rack unit. The quick connect fittings allows for easy connect and disconnect from the system. 



One FTE is able to manage 800-1,600 towers, depending on level of expertise.





Lights are mounted on a 6 x 7.6 (or 9.6 foot) x 18 ft. light rack. Where other systems must fit into facilities hundreds of feet long and scale by huge areas, the ZipFarm can be scaled in these small units.


The ZipRacks are on wheels, making the racks easy to move around your space. All plumbing is connected with quick-connect fittings, which require a just a simple hand movement to connect and disconnect.



The ZipGrow Towers use a hydroponic, soil-less, growing technique. The towers deliver the perfect nutrient ratios to plants via water. The ZipFarm implements the towers which grow on the vertical plane.

If you are looking for a system that produces high yields while keeping labor costs down, get in touch with us for detailed pricing and design information.

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